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Website Hosting

Your website needs a home on the Internet - This is called a Server.

Why do I need a Site Host?

Unless you are a large company with your own servers and a great internet connection, you will want to rent a web server, or space on a server.

There are dozens of companies around the world that specialize in providing Web Hosting.

Web servers are powerful computers with big hard drives and lots of memory. They also have very high speed connections with a big bandwidth directly to the backbone of the internet.

Most server companies also have servers in multiple countries so that the sites can be served more quickly where they are most used.

If you are a small-medium company with an expected visitor rate of up to a few thousand visitors a day the best option is to rent space on a shared server.

Shared servers are by far the most used hosting option and is provided by most Web Hosting Companies.

Shared servers are also the most economical solution for most companies.

Over time as your site needs grow you can be migrated to a private server. Private servers are more expensive, but will allow you to have tens of thousands of visitors without any speed impact.